War on Tigray




The Ethiopian government officially launched the war on Tigray on November 4, 2020. Although the Ethiopian government chose to call it  a law enforcement operation, the government has mobilized the entire Ethiopian defense force and militias from the Amhara regional  state. Moreover, the Ethiopian government still denies the involvement of Eritrean forces, despite the fact that credible reports and locals have confirmed of a full deployment of the Eritrean military. 

As a result of the war, many Tigrayan civilians have gone through all imaginable evil. Two months into the war, more than 9000 unarmed Tigrayans are estimated to have been killed by the Eritrean, Ethiopian, and Amhara military. Majority of the victims have been executed by the Eritrean military or the Amhara forces. Some died during indiscriminate shelling by the Ethiopian or Eritrean military forces. The rest were killed by aircraft bombardment. The victims of this war are  people from all walks of life and include babies as young as 1 year old and senior citizens as old as 87.

This site is dedicated to the memory of these martyrs whose lives were cut short by this senseless war. It should be noted that the victims we have included here are only those whose details we were  able to confirm and whose photos we were able to obtain. This barely scratches the surface compared to the actual number of victims: but we will strive to include as many victims as possible  in our database. We have done all our best to verify the authenticity of every entry. Please reach out if you believe there are issues that we need to address. 



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